A comprehensive digital check-in/out and employee management system. Features include efficient scheduling, geolocation-based attendance tracking, and customizable salary management tools. Built with React, Next.js, React Query, and Redux RTK Query, React Native Expo.

Projects done and still working on :

• employee management solution that not only streamlined the check-in and check-out processes but also provided valuable tools for salary management.

• Designed and implemented a calendar feature that enabled the efficient scheduling and booking of employee shifts, promoting better resource allocation and work planning.

• Engineered a digital check-in and out system based on geolocation zones, ensuring accurate attendance tracking and reducing administrative overhead.

• Collaborated closely with the client to customize salary management components, resulting in the generation of salary reports, a vital aspect of payroll processing in Sweden.

• Created distinct user roles within the application, including admins, super admins, and regular users, each with tailored access and permissions to maintain data security and control.

• Developed individual user profiles, offering a personalized experience for each employee and enhancing engagement with the platform.

• Implemented a third-party live chat system using 3CX to facilitate real-time customer support, allowing the company to provide efficient assistance and resolve inquiries promptly.

• Designed and built both the user interface (UI) for the employee-facing application and the dashboard management UI for the company, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience for all stakeholders.

• This project not only improved operational efficiency for Alattar but also demonstrated my proficiency in creating complex, feature-rich applications that address a wide range of organizational needs.

Role Frontend

Technologies React , Nextjs , React Query , Redux RTK Query

Mobile Developed:

Web Developed: