GeniiX is a FullStack application featuring AI models using OpenAI to replicate APIs for generating chat, code, images, videos, and music. Built with Next.js 14 for both frontend and backend, utilizing Tailwind CSS for styling. Implements Stripe for secure payment transactions and MySQL database for data storage.

Project Features:

  • Chat: Enjoy to chat with an ai assistant and ask it everything you want.

  • Code generation: Ask the GeniiX ai to generate code solution to your project.

  • Image: Enjoy the image generation to get an Standard or HD resolution.

  • Video: Enjoy the Video generation to get an short ai video to your social media.

  • Music: Generate an short music to your mix or video content

Technologies Used:

  • Next.js 14: A powerful React framework for building efficient and scalable web applications with api route Frontend and Backend.

  • Tailwind CSS: A utility-first CSS framework that streamlines the styling process.

  • Stripe: A reliable and secure payment gateway for seamless financial transactions.

  • MySql database : Relational Database using MySql